Colin Bosma

PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology

University of Maine


Colin is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Maine clinical psychology doctoral program and is in the Maine Mood Lab.

Colin's primary research interests involve individual differences in emotion regulation (cognitive, psychophysiological, and behavioral) in response to negative mood. He is interested in how the passive collection of digital behaviors (digital phenotyping) can advance our ability to assess individual differences in emotion regulation.

He is also interested in mechanisms of positive outcomes associated with mindfulness-based treatments, as well as statistical analysis techniques for evaluation of the time-varying, multilevel quality of clinical data (e.g., hierarchical linear modeling, statistical learning).


  • Emotion Regulation
  • Digital Phenotyping
  • Mindfulness
  • R, Python


  • PhD in Clinical Psychology, expected 2021

    University of Maine

  • MA in Clinical Psychology, 2017

    University of Maine

  • BA (honors) in Psychology, 2012

    University of Colorado Boulder

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